Tuesday, November 27, 2007

(Nice Dream)

He is using the clippers for only the second time. But why? It has only been 3 weeks since he gave himself the buzz. It's true - it is looking a little spiky, but surely he can't afford the time to cut his hair now? He has so much homework to finish! With the first sweep he knows it is a mistake. Wrong adaptor.

Now he is rushing for the class he teaches. It's the last class. He himself shouldn't be late when he doesn't allow late students in. On top of that he has to finish class early to allow evaluations to be done. He can't even remember why he's running late. How does his hair look?

Now he's doing his sit-ups and push-ups and heading for class. He decides to skip breakfast and eat at chipotle today. He feels like he's been awake all night.

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