Monday, December 10, 2007

Ready, Steady, Go

It feels like his first breath. Finally his exams are over. He looks forward to the next day, when Liverpool have a do-or-die game against Marseille. Whether they win or not is irrelevant. What matters is that he will be able to watch it and lose himself in it. An exciting match would be very welcome. A Liverpool win would be even better. He plans to wear his jersey during the game.

On the way to the laundry room he meets the mother from a Malaysian Indian family and speaks to her. He really didn't want to, but she kept staring, trying to make eye-contact. In the end he said a few words and was puzzled to find that mother and son went by the same name. She was surprised to hear him speak in Tamil. And he was even more surprised that he still remembered how to speak it.

Maybe it is better not to know this strange feeling of not having anything urgent to do. If we cannot learn to drive ourselves it is better to be driven.

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