Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Perfect Day

How productive can a man truly be? Can he live a day where he makes no mistakes? Some things though, are out of one's hands and he realises it would be futile to hope that every single event of chance goes his way. But what about making the correct decision in every situation he is faced with? Can he do that? "Think that you are someone else", he tells himself, "someone good".

Smells Like Teen Spirit

With his new sneakers and cords in one hand, Wife in the other, he saunters into yet another store selling kids' clothes. Instantly he looks for the customary benches set aside for the husband or boyfriend. He finds one, gestures to the Wife and plants himself down on it.

The smell of the store brings back memories of packaged biscuits, hospital food and freshly laundered scrubs. The relentless Christmas songs of the present fade out. He is back in the tower where he used to peddle samples of his blood for cash. He is thankful he had prominent veins.

To him odors are a lot like Portkeys. They transport him to where he first encountered a smell. He wonders when the invention to capture smells will arise - just as cameras capture images and microphones capture sounds. Maybe it is already out there, and he is just too lazy to look for it on the Web. It will need a catchy name though - sniffera, coolwhiffs, rec-odor. Or maybe just perfume.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Keep Talking

Even though the conversation has dried up - they are now discussing the weather - he continues. The goal is to learn more with every single thing that is said. Do away with platitudes and discussing other's flaws. That is not knowledge. It is infinitely better to learn about where to buy the cheapest shoes (online). Inevitably there will be malapropisms, and spoonerisms will undoubtedly arise too. The goal is to keep trying to avoid those mistakes. But keep talking. Not one iota of knowledge gained can be proven to be completely worthless. Who knows when it will come in handy?

Keep talking bro.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As he walked
He thought.
The more he thought
The more he fought.
Finally he forgot
what it was he sought.

Friday, September 26, 2008


At first they were not even sure they wanted to keep him. He was an odd-looking baby and they knew people would stare whenever they went out. But they both felt an undeniable tingle of excitement whenever they were with him.

Initially they avoided many places. But they soon realised they could not do this forever. Not just because they were running out of places to go, but because they grew fond of his company. They looked forward to spending time with him. The feeling grew that they were lucky to have him.

They brought him to watch movies, for fine dinners. They took him to far off places, sometimes under false pretenses even. At times he threw a tantrum, but they always knew that it was just his way of learning about his environment; what he could or could not do. They saw he had great potential.

At the age of six they bought him a new home. He was euphoric. Everyday, he would run home and exuberantly rattle off the happenings of the day. They listened patiently, smiled and hugged him tightly. They repeated his stories to their friends and colleagues with great pride.

When he was eight they threw a huge garden party for him. They invited all their friends and relatives, some of whom were seeing him for the first time! It was a grand and unforgettable occasion.

Now he is 121 months old and their job is not over. Not by any stretch of their imagination. They have to invest a lot more money and effort into him, but they know for certain he is worth it.

They are very proud of him.

Another Time, Another Place

He looks around nervously. Will he get away with it? His heart races, but
he suddenly remembers a brighter future. Of sunshine and laughter.
Of satisfaction and pride. A distant car screeches to a halt,
bringing him sharply back to the dark of the present.

He breaks out in a cold sweat
panic rising from within
pulling him inward
paralysing him.
He feels..

A Great Day For Freedom

On the day the sun never rose
I turned to look for you
Because I missed you the most.

You told me not to fear the dark;
Not to fear when I couldn't see
You said we could still go to the park
Drink wine;
Roll on the grass;
Waiting for the return of the rainbow arc.

In the cool night we waited
The Moon came in her sparkling dress
She looked down and cried;
Tears of jealousy and admiration they appeared
In truth they were bubbles causing a Mess.

I picked one up and gave it to you;
I saw the bubble get brighter and brighter;
All of them did.
The Moon and her twinkling accessories were engulfed
By the blinding light.

And then you smiled.