Friday, September 26, 2008


At first they were not even sure they wanted to keep him. He was an odd-looking baby and they knew people would stare whenever they went out. But they both felt an undeniable tingle of excitement whenever they were with him.

Initially they avoided many places. But they soon realised they could not do this forever. Not just because they were running out of places to go, but because they grew fond of his company. They looked forward to spending time with him. The feeling grew that they were lucky to have him.

They brought him to watch movies, for fine dinners. They took him to far off places, sometimes under false pretenses even. At times he threw a tantrum, but they always knew that it was just his way of learning about his environment; what he could or could not do. They saw he had great potential.

At the age of six they bought him a new home. He was euphoric. Everyday, he would run home and exuberantly rattle off the happenings of the day. They listened patiently, smiled and hugged him tightly. They repeated his stories to their friends and colleagues with great pride.

When he was eight they threw a huge garden party for him. They invited all their friends and relatives, some of whom were seeing him for the first time! It was a grand and unforgettable occasion.

Now he is 121 months old and their job is not over. Not by any stretch of their imagination. They have to invest a lot more money and effort into him, but they know for certain he is worth it.

They are very proud of him.

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