Sunday, November 25, 2007


In an attempt to re-instill his self-discipline, he installed a program that displays virtual post-its on his virtual desktop. On one of them, he lists two goals for the next day. Two simple, and certainly achievable goals. The first was to wake up at precisely 0745.

At five to, he is awake, and as is usually the case at this time, he hears a little devil in his ear,

"Aww, come on.. Sleep a little longer. It's a Sunday. You deserve to sleep in a little."

It seems as though he will capitulate. He closes his eyes for a moment, but it is only to prepare himself. He exhales sharply and pushes the covers off, sitting up at the same time. The devil cowers, startled by the alarm which has just gone off. The day begins, and one target is already attained.

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