Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Than Words

Last weekend was an unusually slow-paced one - no mad scramble to finish up homework and no tests to study for. On top of that there was the Homecoming holiday. How I wish the Wife had been here for that weekend instead of the one where I had three homeworks to do.

I took the opportunity to clear the mind somewhat by going to a cafe to chill out. There is nothing extraordinary about the cafe I visited - in fact it is not a place I would recommend for food as it only serves vegetarian stuff. What is attractive about it is that it is next to a second-hand bookstore, which means you are free to pick up a book and spend a couple of hours buried in it. Reading - possibly my second favourite form of escapism. I looked for Irvine Welsh's sequel to Trainspotting as it would have been perfect for a two-hour session - hilarious, entertaining and it wouldn't have left me hanging if I managed finish a whole chapter. I really do hate that "high and dry" feeling when it comes to books and movies. And beer, of course.

Unfortunately they didn't have it so I picked up a book published by the Mensa society. It was about the pronunciation and origin of words. The book is not authoritative by any means because all the author did was check 4 separate dictionaries to decide on the "correct" pronunciation of words. In any case I learned some interesting 'facts'. Here are a couple of them : Both the 'c's in Arctic should be pronounced. Don't ever forget that. You never know when you might need it. Second, when someone says a point is moot when they mean that it is not relevant, or when referring to an issue that has already been settled, tell them that they are wrong! A moot point is an issue that can and should be debated! Now I understand why they call it moot court in Law school. I wonder how many other words I've been misusing.

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