Friday, March 24, 2017

Fight Test

It is a crowded lobby. Parents are rushing to drop their kids off, and kids are doing all they can to delay going to school. It happens in an instant - he feels a child brush against him just as he whirls around. The next moment the boy is on his (diaper-protected) bum on the floor, and starting to wail. 

The father rushes to the boy's side and picks him up. Heaven forbid his son should fall down. He is gesticulating, swearing and comforting all at once. "You do know this place is full of children, right?". He mutters swear word after swear word. The lady at the front desk is watching the events unfold. He sees her and demands for CCTV playback, "Kick his boy out! We have no place for ignorant bullies here!".

The target of his ire thinks it is better not to fight. He asks if the boy is alright. His own boy watches on, bemused by the drama. Who does he think won this game? Who does he want to be?

Months later, the fiery nut tries to initiate polite conversation. The oppressed one nods but remains silent, forgiving but not forgetting.

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