Friday, October 23, 2015

Walk With Me

I lost some people I was travelling with, but I don't miss any of them.

One of them was an old bat who could never remember my name.

There was the old couple who did not dare to tell even each other what they wanted. They would go out of their way to let the other get what he/she wanted. It was annoying, silly and illogical. I lost them at the river, where they could not decide on who should drink the water first, allowing El Chupacabra to creep quietly up on them.

Another was a girl who was so afraid of what people thought of her. She seemed happiest when she was feted, and so she worked hard on impressing everyone. She learned a great deal because of this; but just ask her what she remembers now.

I don't remember the rest who fell by the wayside. But I urge you to walk with me now, here.

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