Thursday, November 20, 2014

Left Hand Free

8 years ago he came to the shop alone to buy a watch. Now there are three of them, and they arrive just as the shutters are being closed. The elderly lady smiles and lets them in. The elderly gentleman comes out of the back room to see what is going on. He still has his eye glass on. He turns to the old tube tv above the entrance, where Prime Minister Business is encouraging citizens to write books and to sit down and discuss them. He claims this is not possible with movies.

The lady takes a look at his far-travelled watch and informs him that a new strap cannot be fixed on. The catch for the pins has been broken. What a shame. The watch is still running fine. He looks around the shop and sees the same watch that he bought 8 years ago. He buys this same watch, at the same price that he paid then. What value!

It is a joyous and peaceful weekend to celebrate. Here's to another memorable, unpredictable and irreplaceable 8 years :-)

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