Friday, February 28, 2014

Friend of the Night

The boy wears a puffer fish for a hat. He has a deep gruff voice to go with it. His arms are narrower than the guitar. His gangly dancing style is interesting to watch from high up. He is not trying to impress with his moves though. He is clearly having a good time. But did he just play the same song three times?

The next band start setting up. They have many many speakers, and some are human-sized! One of the band members is carrying a piece of foolscap paper, walking to and fro, and tuning things here and there. 

He returns from his loo break and sits down. It is a little far, although he can see the stage very clearly. There are several smokers around him, and they are talking incessantly. 

The sun is almost down. The crowd is much bigger now. The band come on. 

"Hey we're Mogwai from Glasgow. It's great to be back in Singapore!"

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