Friday, June 19, 2009

Run Like Hell

While he is supposed to be coding, his mind wanders to the gym. He pats himself on the back for completing 4 miles without the knee-guard on Wednesday. If he manages to repeat the distance today, he will have made it 11 miles in a week. Metamucil, his friend in the mornings, threatens to force him off the treadmill and back onto the throne.

He wonders if he will be able to eventually reduce his time down to 8:00 minutes per mile; if he will be able to repeat this distance next week. Will he get fit enough to run the marathon?

The calfs cry out for a massage even before the run - will the Wife oblige? Suddenly the phone rings - it is the Wife. Is she calling with a pre-emptive 'No'? No.

She has fallen while running and is hur

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